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    "I just wanted to take the time to say Thank You. I just saw on Facebook this morning that both Brennan and Evyn Ash made the travel team in Tampa. That, combined with the fact that Gehrig made the Travel Team here in Washington State, and the fact that Keldon and Kade Erickson are playing Travel Hockey in Nashville is truly evidence that Watertown Hockey is a machine for producing a great Hockey Culture, and that Watertown Coaches are teaching the right stuff.

    These kids would not be where they are without you guys.

    In case nobody says it... I just wanted to thank you guys. You Coaches and Watertown Hockey in general deserve a ton of credit."

    Douglas R. Pfeffer


    Since its organization in 1958, the Watertown Skating and Hockey Association, Inc., has remained true to its original purpose of developing “the health and cultural growth of youth in the community” through participation in athletics.  Over the past 50 years the Association’s volunteers have coached, trained and mentored thousands of children in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties.  The Association has skaters on the ice ranging in age from 3 to 18 years old.  Our teams compete throughout New York and Canada and we play host to several hockey tournaments in Watertown each season.  The Association is the local affiliated organization of USA Hockey, Inc., the national governing body for the sport of hockey in the United States.  We take pride in the strict standards of coach education, qualifications and screening required by USA Hockey.  The quality and dedication of our coaches and volunteer management and staff is directly reflected the years of loyalty of our many skaters and parents.  Besides training athletic skill and teaching a sport, our coaches strive to develop character, sportsmanship, and overall physical fitness.  Our mission is to provide each child with the opportunity to grow socially, learn mental and physical discipline and experience the power of teamwork and collective competitiveness.  The Association looks forward to another 50 years of developing civic minded, responsible citizens through youth sport.

    USA Hockey Top Priority is Safety for your child.

    Watertown Hockey Association, Inc. is a sanctioned organization that abides by the rules governed by USA Hockey.


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